Swiftpage Email

Swiftpage for Email Marketing, Surveys, Web Forms, Drip Marketing, & Landing Pages

Note: This product will be "sunset" by Swiftpage on June 30, 2019.  Please contact AspenTech CRM  at (866) 880-4228 if you are currently using Swiftpage Emarketing.  For replacement options please click here to read this blog.

Swiftpage Email for Act! (available for most Act! versions) is an integrated solution built into Act! that provides a cost-effective capability to reach out to your customers and prospects.

  • No need to upload or export your email addresses to a third-party app anymore. Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act! includes all the tools necessary to create, send and track customized emarketing campaigns.
  • Easily create robust web forms and surveys to capture leads and update your database.
  • Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act!’s drip marketing capability lets you create “set it and forget it” email campaigns.
  • Quickly set up landing pages to reinforce emarketing campaign calls to action.

Increase your ROI on Act! with Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act!, a comprehensive marketing solution – designed to generate more sales – directly from your Act! CRM database.

Email: Personalize your email from dozens of templates. Create emails that convey they were created specifically for each recipient by inserting any Act! field from your database into your message. Swiftpage’s online editor includes both basic and advanced (HTML) capabilities or import and edit existing templates. Easily link your template to a website, landing page, survey or PDF document to improve your message. Send campaigns directly from your database to contacts, groups, companies and lookups.

Email Results: Easily track the results of each campaign including who opened, clicked on a link, bounced, suppressed (opted-out). Results are downloaded directly to your database and are viewable in the Marketing Results tab on your contact records. Quickly identify your hottest leads using the ranked Call List. Each contact also contains a history of each email and their response. Each campaign also has detailed and graphical reports online.

Surveys & Web Forms: Think of the potential uses for Swiftpage Email’s survey and web forms: Sign up for your newsletter, update contact data in Act!, register for an event or evaluate your services. Automate your business by setting up autoresponder emails to automatically contact survey respondents when they complete your surveys. This function allows you to gather valuable information and either create new contacts in Act! or map responses directly back to specific fields in your Act! database.

Drip Marketing: Swiftpage Email’s Drip Marketing gives you the ability to create a sequence of messages that are automatically delivered to your Act! contacts at the right time – it’s as close as you can get to cruise control with your emarketing. An example could be event marketing where you send a series of emails to promote the event, and then two other series of post-event emails based on whether someone attended or not. Or, tie Swiftpage Surveys and Drip Marketing together and automatically add survey respondents to a drip marketing campaign once they complete the survey.

Landing Pages: The landing page function allows you to easily build landing pages within the Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act!’s template editor. Swiftpage then hosts the landing pages on their secure servers. Easily use your landing pages to coordinate cohesively integrated marketing campaigns with supporting content and branding for things like promotions and event details.

Additional Benefits:

  • Sending Bonus: Smart sending capabilities allow you to ‘Send Now’ or ‘Schedule Send’ to time your email to arrive when is it likely to have the most impact. The ‘Send As’ function lets one member of your team send the email as another member.
  • Spam & Delivery: Swiftpage, as an email service provider, takes spam compliance seriously and maintains close relations with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure that your messages hit inboxes and not junk folders.
  • Content Distribution: Swiftpage makes it easy to work together, sharing your templates between Swiftpage users on your team or on different accounts.
  • Online Access: While Swiftpage Email is integrated with Act!, you can also access it on the web directly. This is a great way to work on email campaigns when Act! isn’t at your fingertips or allow collaboration with a marketing firm to customize your templates.
  • Social Media Sharing: Swiftpage Email Marketing allows you to automatically post your message on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, expanding your email audience. Swiftpage’s footer sharing (with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) spreads your message further.

Rates for Swiftpage Email are based on levels of service, primarily set by the number of users and volume of daily email sends. Additional users and email volume may be added for nominal fees.

Here’s How AspenTech Can Help:

Email marketing is one of most cost-effective options for small business today. With a Drip Marketing Certification and years of email marketing implementation expertise, AspenTech can help you get your email marketing, program up and running quickly and effectively. Our services include:

  • Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act! Product Selection: We ask the right questions to help your selection of the right service level for your emarketing requirements.
  • Getting Started: Account setup, import of existing emarketing contact lists as well as integration of existing suppression and bounce lists, Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act! overview and planning your first campaign
  • Database Segmentation: We’ll review your current Act! database system and your emarketing requirements and adjust/add fields and groups for sending and tracking segmented campaigns
  • Email Marketing Template Customization: Working with your copy and images to create professional emails with clear calls to action
  • Campaign Development: We work with you to establishing a marketing schedule
  • Customer Survey & Lead Capture Design: Create surveys and web forms for use in Swiftpage Email and your website
  • Drip Marketing: Training on all Swiftpage Email drip marketing options, campaign design, implementation and management
  • emarketing Reports: Guiding understanding and working with Call Lists, follow-up and report metrics
  • emarketing Training: Administrative and end-user training for you and your team.
  • Swiftpage Email Management: With years of expertise, let AspenTech CRM group implement and manage all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

To learn more about how Swiftpage Email for Act! can help you achieve your goals, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.