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Act Training Webinars - AspenTech CRM - trainingJoin the Act! experts at AspenTech for these live webinars designed to build your Act! skills.  From adding to your core Act! skill set, to diving into your data, to extending your marketing reach through Act!, we guarantee the light bulb will come on for you!


Cost: $25/attendee/webinar. Buy 3 and get the 4th free - mix and match webinars with your team. Webinars are recorded and registrants will have unlimited access to the recording for 30 days. 

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Act! Foundations Part 1: Getting Started with Act! – Navigation, Lookups, and Contacts

We’ll guide you through the top skills that every Act! user must know. Part 1 focuses on basic Act! system navigation, lookup skills, contact creation and management. Every Act! user, new or old, self-taught or not, will take away great ideas from this hits list and tips and tricks. We put these into the context of daily use of Act! to help you apply them later. Count on fine tuning your core skills immediately to increase your productivity.

Act! Foundations Part 2: Getting Started with Act! – Companies, Opportunities, Groups, & Calendar

In Part 2 of this series, covering the top skills that every Act! user must know, we’ll go deeper to cover Act! Calendar, Companies, Opportunities, and Groups. All Act! users will glean nuggets from these best practices and hidden gems that have been put into the context of daily use. Expect to discover an Act! function you didn’t know about; You are bound to pick up a few keepers that you can begin to use immediately.

Leveraging What’s New in Act!

Learn how to benefit from what’s new in recent Act! releases that you may not be familiar with. This deep dive will cover new functionality, how it all works and tips and tricks on how to incorporate it into your day. Discover ways to better leverage Act! for your business.

Searching and Segmenting Your Act! Database

What good is your Act! database if you can’t find what you need when you need it? Did you know you can find anything in an Act! database? This session will teach you how. Act! offers many different ways to search and segment your Act! database and this session covers not only simple lookups but also complex lookups, advanced queries, dynamic groups, keyword search, universal search, list filtering and more.

Act! emarketing Part 1:  Getting Started

Email marketing is critical for keeping your name in front of prospects and clients and has the greatest return on investment of any marketing activity. Learn the best practices of setting up your Act! database for emarketing, configuring your Act! emarketing account, and designing your first emarketing template.

Act! emarketing Part 2:  E-Marketing Sending Factors, Managing Results & Database Segmentation

Act! emarketing Part 2 covers the key topics of campaign send logic, understanding and using eblast results, and the power of database segmentation to send the appropriately targeted message to the proper audience. Each is a critical topic in maximizing your emarketing effectiveness. Here are a few of the items we’ll cover:

  • What’s the best day and time of day to send your blasts?
  • What factors need to be considered in selecting your Subject?
  • Do you have the right fields and data in those fields to slice/dice your data?
  • Learn how to use dynamic groups that make daily use of Act! a breeze leveraging it’s power.
  • How and why you should manage the results (call lists, reporting, bounces and opt-outs) of your email blast.
  • Call lists: Quick and easy way to follow up with your hot prospects after your emarketing blast

Managing Your Sales Pipeline in Act!

Truly understand Act! opportunities and pipeline management, another valuable tool within Act! to gauge and improve sales. We’ll cover all aspects of opportunities and the benefits and techniques to master them. Topics will include: Capturing key sales data in Act!, quoting, forecasting sales, analyzing company and team member performance, cross-selling and who are your top customers. We guarantee to shed new light on this key aspect of your business.

Act! & MS Office – How to make it work for you

Master the integration and use of MS Office with Act!.  Learn all the ways of leveraging Act! with Word, Outlook and Excel to increase communication and productivity.

  • Act! & Microsoft Outlook integration – E-mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Act! & Microsoft Word integration – Document/email templates, Mail-merging
  • Act! & Microsoft Excel integration – Export to Excel, Excel Templates

Act! Insight Dashboards and Reporting

Looking for more insight into your data? Do you want to know what your team did last week? Or have planned next? Are you interested in what business you expect to close this quarter? Join us as we explore the hidden value of Act!’s Insight Dashboards and Reports and allow you to discover their potential.

Act! Administration – Key Skills Required to Manage & Protect Your Act! System

OK, you’re responsible for your company’s Act! database, now what? This webinar will cover the core responsibilities and best practices of Act! administration.  Topics will include managing user accounts and security, importing / exporting data, backing up / restoring your database and managing field / record security.  This webinar will show you how to appropriately protect your company’s key asset, your customer database.

Customizing Act! Fields & Layouts

An Act! database that has been properly customized to meet the specific needs of your business can be one of your greatest assets. Think about the information you are constantly searching for relating to your prospects and clients. Wouldn’t it make sense to have it organized, and at your fingertips in your Act! database?

This session is for Act! managers and administrators who need to either initially customize and/or maintain the customizations for their Act! database. Join us for a thorough tour of Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, Groups field properties and settings, creating and editing fields, and placing them on your layout in a neat, organized fashion. We will shed new light on this key area within Act! and show you how to better leverage your investment in Act!.

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