Why AspenTech?

Our Clients Tell Us That AspenTech CRM Contributes Significantly to Their Success by Combining Business Process Consulting and Proven CRM Best Practices With Their Company’s Goals

Why Choose AspenTech - CRM Solutions in Michigan | AspenTech CRM - whyAspenTechThe result is a highly-effective and reliable sales and marketing system driving your organization’s growth.

AspenTech was founded in 1994 by Greg Knapp to implement well-planned business processes for sales and marketing programs through the use of Act!. Originally operating out of his home in Plymouth, Greg moved the business to 471 W. Ann Arbor Trail in Plymouth in 2003, creating a training center and space to accommodate a growing client base. His oldest son Marshall joined the business full time that year, enabling AspenTech to offer greater breadth and depth of services to its clients.

Since its founding, AspenTech has advanced to become a premier member of the CRM industry. When clients expressed a need for specialized software to create professional quotes and proposals, AspenTech added industry-leading QuoteWerks to its portfolio. The subsequent evolution of remote technology enabled AspenTech to extend its client base across multiple continents.    

As the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) industry evolved, so did AspenTech. AspenTech added the Zoho CRM family of products to its portfolio for clients who want a dedicated, powerful, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced Cloud CRM solution. The AspenTech team now specializes in helping clients select and implement the specific optimal CRM system to meet their unique needs.  

In January 2018, AspenTech CRM took another step forward, moving into new offices in Novi, MI that doubled its space. Today AspenTech CRM has a team of skilled CRM professionals and is one of the most recognized and respected providers of CRM systems for small and medium-sized businesses across virtually every industry.  

Our Service Guarantee

While we cannot guarantee that your software will work perfectly 24/7, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If at any time AspenTech CRM does not perform to your satisfaction, please call us and give us the opportunity to correct the service problem and improve our relationship. If you are still unhappy, we will negotiate a fair price with you. 

What we ask in return is for you to explain how we have let you down or explain how we could have served you better. In effect, you will be helping us to make adjustments and improve our service. Providing and improving value to our clients is the primary measure of our success!

Our Core Values

These important principles are the foundation of all our interactions and the decisions we make.

Partnership. Our clients, our team members and our vendors are our partners. Our partnerships are key to our mutual growth and success.

Honesty, Integrity, & Respect. When we say we’ll do something, we do it. We are truthful to the best of our abilities in all of our interactions. We treat our partners the way we would like to be treated.

Exemplary Service. We deliver client-focused solutions that exceed expectations. We own problems, respond quickly and anticipate needs.

Balanced Life. We are committed to making time for personal growth, family and fun. We do this as we build our company and meet the expectations of our clients.

Case Study: CVMedia, Mike Mnich, Northville, MI

CVMedia had been using Act! for years. After attending a seminar sponsored by AspenTech Consulting Group, Mike realized that his firm was utilizing only a small percent of Act! and that CVMedia would benefit greatly by working with AspenTech Consulting Group.

Greg Knapp worked with CVMedia to train their users, not just on the functionality of Act!, but on how to incorporate Act! into their business processes. This training lead to Marshall Knapp customizing CVMedia’s Act! database to enhance customer segmentation for telemarketing, marketing, sales, customer service and support.

Once CVMedia had achieved a higher level of utilization of their Act! system within the company, Greg Knapp implemented Swiftpage Email Marketing for Act!. AspenTech’s Swiftpage training included coaching on alignment of sales and marketing; communicating the right message paired with data segmentation; designing messages for the highest impact; and use of A/B testing to determine what is working and, most importantly, what isn’t. After the first month of Swiftpage usage, the ROI from the project confirmed that Swiftpage’s implementation was a wise decision.

Case Study: Advanced Income Strategies Grows with Act!

Advanced Income Strategies, LLC, Gary Scholnick, CLU, ChFC, Bingham Farms, MI

Advanced Income Strategies needed a CRM system to handle a complex, long-term sales process that would enable the company to perform at a very high level with few staff in a virtual environment. We designed a Act! system that incorporated Advanced Income Strategies’ business workflow and sales and marketing processes into one comprehensive system. AspenTech then thoroughly trained Gary and his staff to maximize their performance and efficiency with their new Act! system, yielding very high ROI for the firm.

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to AspenTech for what you have done for us. Marshall has been absolutely amazing to work with and our whole experience with AspenTech has been flawless. From the time we met you through the implementation and training, we have never been disappointed or discouraged. With a team of 5 outside contractors, our company-wide War Cry continues to be “Ask Marshall”, “Let’s see what Marshall thinks” or just “Call Marshall”. Mind you, most of it has nothing to do with Act! Our whole team continues to look at AspenTech as our “solution” and we are grateful for the support and confidence you have brought to our company.– Laura D., Manufacturers Rep Firm, Seattle, WA.
We are quite happy with all of the improvements and productivity enhancements you’ve implemented in our new Act!. I especially wanted to thank you for the training session you provided. Everyone got a lot out of it and we are all using Act! much more than we used to.– Jeremy S., Sound & Vibration Measurement Manufacturer, Brighton, MI
Act! is my lifeline and having remote access is key to me and my employees. With AspenTech’s hosting services, we have access to our database no matter where we are. We stay productive and on-task whether we’re in the office, at home, or traveling.– Robert H., Professional Services Industry, Grand Rapids, MI

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.