Why CRM?

Our CRM Consulting & Implementation Services Provide a Complete Picture of Your Company

Why CRM? Benefits Of Using Aspen Tech | CRM Consulting in Michigan - computerOver the past decade, an unprecedented shift has occurred in how technology and data influences how we do business.

Customers now have the ability to research product details, consumer reviews, and a company’s reputation before making a purchase or choosing to do business. Expectations for service have skyrocketed, as well as the desire to build a relationship with a company that has integrity and authenticity. 

In order to deliver the best customer experience, while also increasing productivity and efficiency internally, you need systems and processes in place to support your growing business.  We’re here to help you identify gaps in your processes and implement the ideal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that will allow you to achieve your goals. 

Bridging Your Islands of Data

Have you attempted to map your customer data, only to struggle to bring all of the sources together? Phone records, e-mail contacts, spreadsheets, social media followers… each of these can start to look like its own separate island. These silos of information can hide critically important details about customer interactions, buying habits and opportunities for engagement. Not only can this lead to lost revenue, but a disjointed experience leads to unhappy customers and a frustrated staff.

How Can a CRM Help? Creating a Customer-Centric Company.

The core function of any CRM system is to record all customer interactions and data, while simultaneously making it easily accessible to any customer-facing team in your company. A correctly implemented and fully-leveraged CRM will incorporate your people, processes, and quality data seamlessly and with minimal effort. This opens the door to improving efficiency, boosting profits, reducing frustrations, and getting an edge on the competition. 

The Primary Benefits of a CRM System:

  • A complete and dynamic view of the customer. Creating a consistent view of each customer across your entire organization ensures that the right information is delivered at the right time, improving the customer experience.
  • Alignment with customer goals and objectives. All customer interactions are an opening to guide them towards taking an action. A CRM can help your employees discover those additional opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Accurate and secure data. Maintaining quality data requires a reliable system with minimal gaps and consistent oversight. A properly implemented CRM, customized for your business, will reduce the risk of dealing with conflicting and missing information.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness. Accurate reports offer actionable insight into performance effectiveness and process efficiencies that lead to improved decision making, growing profits and providing a competitive advantage.

To learn more about how a CRM system can help you achieve your goals, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.