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What’s New in Act! v19

Act! v19 is 64 bit compatible

Compatibility Updates

  • Act! v19 works with the Microsoft® products that you rely on each day: 64-bit editions of Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 are now compatible.
  • This addition provides the same Outlook, Word and Excel integration functionality that is currently available in 32-bit MS Office installations.

Act! v19 works with Microsoft Products

Connections for Act! Premium

Leverage the Act! v19 Web API-based connections*, whether you’re using Act! for Web or Act! for Windows®.

Act! Companion Mobile App*

Stay connected to key Act! Premium details when on the move, with Act! Companion – A native mobile app designed for your iPhone® or Android™ device. This is a major step forward for Act!, but it does not replace Act!. It does just what its name implies, it’s your Act! Companion. 

Act! Companion App on android and iphone

  • Easily associate history directly to contacts from the field using all new @mention functionality
  • Get alerts for upcoming activities
  • Email or call your Act! Premium contacts directly from the app
  • Intelligent notifications sent directly to the home screen of your phone to keep you on task and on time.

Act! Companion Image_24Bit

Act! Companion Mobile App FAQ*

Q: Which versions of iPhone and Android are supported?

A: iOS Versions 9.x and up, and Android versions Lollipop, and Marshmallow.

Q: Where can I get the mobile app?

A: From the App stores, Apple and Google Play, at launch.

Q: Which Act! Premium features are available on the app?

A: At this time, Contacts, Activities and History items

Q: Does Act! Companion replace Act! Premium Mobile?

A: No, Act! Companion is designed to work in tandem with Act! Premium Mobile, not in place of.  Because it’s a native mobile app, it leverages the features of your phone to communicate key Act! Premium database details to you.  A push notification system informs you of things like upcoming activities via home screen pop-ups.  It also lets you make quick and easy updates, without having to log in to the website – simply tap into the app and go.

Q: Does Act! Companion replace Act!?

A: No, as mentioned above, the Act! Companion Mobile App is designed to be a mobile companion to Act!. It must be connected to a specific Act! database. The features it includes are Contacts, Activities and History. It does not include Notes, Companies, Groups and Opportunities. While it supports calling and emailing contacts from the app, it doesn’t yet record those calls and emails in Act!.

Act! Premium Contact Link*

Act! Premium Contact LinkStreamline your workflow between Act! Premium and Outlook® with Act! Premium Contact Link.

  • Create new Act! Premium contact or edit existing contacts
  • View and interact with the details of past activities or create and schedule new activities with your contact.
  • Attach the text of an Outlook email to your contacts
  • Do all of this with Outlook.
  • System requirements & Compatibility: Office 2013, Office 2016 PC, OWA for iPad or iPhone, Outlook Web Access, Requires installation and set-up of the Act! Web API via an Act! Premium server or use of Act! Connect.

Act! Connect*

Act! ConnectAct! Connect puts integration with hundreds of popular business apps at your fingertips. Quickly and easily set up connections between Act! Premium and apps like Outlook®, SurveyMonkey, QuickBooks Online and PayPal using the Act! Connect Link (below.)  Enrich your Act! Premium data and trigger actions that save time and enhance your sales and marketing efforts.

Act! Connect Link*

So you don’t have an Act! Premium web server, no problem! Leverage Web API-based connections even if you are a Windows® user, because Connections like Act! Companion mobile app (above) and Act! Premium Contact Link are available to you with the Act! Connect Link. The Act! Connect Link delivers the power of the Act! Connect integration platform to Act! Premium desktop or Windows® users with no complicated setup, just install and go.

*Connections available with Premium subscription only.

Performance with Act! emarketing

Performance Improvements to Act! emarketing

Users have been slow to recognize that Act! has included a robust email marketing tool since Act! v16.  In Act! v19, the developers have taken it up another notch or two. Better yet, keep in mind that Act! emarketing is included with every license or subscription. It’s use is available to you immediately. Are you using a third-party email marketing tool? Click here for more details about the full Act! emarketing product. It may be time to switch!

Improvements in Act! v19 now allow the Act! emarketing campaign send to be up to 5 times faster. Enhancements also ensure large campaigns send successfully.

Campaign Management Improvements

  1. Get instant feedback on your current Act! emarketing service level before sending campaigns.
  2. Quickly and easily see email campaign history for a given contact.
  3. Don’t worry about accidental sends. A send dialog will now check to make sure you’re ready to send an email campaign.

Act! emarketing v19 enhancements

Campaign History Overwrite

Campaign history overwrite create and updates one history entry.

emarketing campaign history overwrite

Customer driven enhancements Act! v19

30+ Refreshed Standard Reports

Improved standard reports now with more relevant fields, plus improved default filters and sort orders to help you get the information you need quickly. Consistent field references and data formatting make reports easier to customize. The refreshed reports have a new REP2 file type that ensures any existing custom reports will not be overwritten during an upgrade.

Act! Windows/Web/Cloud Parity Improvements

Each new version of Act! moves the end-users’ Act! Windows and Act! Web/Cloud experiences closer.

Formatting Toolbar in Layout Designer

This new functionality gives web/cloud users additional flexibility to customize their screen layouts and design Act! to meet their business requirements and goals. A new formatting toolbar has been added in the layout designer for web/cloud users which provides granular formatting options for text and drawing items.

Scan for Duplicates

The Act! duplicate scanner that has been in the Windows version is now in the Web/Cloud version. With this tool, you can better manage the integrity of your data in Act! Premium Web/Cloud.

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What’s New in Act! Premium v19

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