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Act! Pro is designed for individuals and teams up to 10 users.  Act! Pro could be considered a starter version of Act! Premium.

Which version Act! Pro or Act! Premium?

1. Number of users. The number of active users is a key determining factor. Act! Pro was designed for individuals. Act! Premium was designed for workgroups and Sales Teams. Act! Pro has a limitation of 10 active users in a database. This means if you have more than 10 users you will must use Act! Premium. If you purchase Act! Pro and need to add an 11th user or more you will need to purchase an Act! Premium subscription to replace your existing Act! Pro licenses. Therefore, if your business is growing it would make sense to select Act! Premium over the Act! Pro at the on-set.

2. Windows vs. Windows + Web/Mobile. Act! Pro can only be used on Windows. Act Premium includes Act! for Windows, Act! for Web and Act! Mobile. Act! Premium allows you to do your own web hosting where you can deploy the Act! for Web with anytime anywhere access through the internet. With Act! Mobile you can travel light and stay connected by accessing your Act! database from the browser on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

3. Database Synchronization. Both Act! Pro and Act! Premium include database synchronization which allows offline access to your Act! data. Act! Pro only allows synchronization when someone is in your office ready to accept incoming syncs. This can be problematic if the master database is hosted on a server or an unattended machine. Act! Premium comes with synchronization services which allow the synchronization to occur without the Act! being open; the sync service runs on a host machine/server and listens for the synchronization connection. Users can synchronize whether in the building or on the road, whenever necessary.

4. Data Security. With Act! Pro all users have permission to “Delete Records” and “Export to Excel” and this cannot be changed. Imagine a potential user exporting your entire database, then putting it on a thumb drive and walking out the door. Or a new employee looks up Jones, and inadvertently deletes all the Jones’ instead of just the one they wanted. This leaves your data vulnerable. Act! Premium has the ability to limit which users can “Delete Records” and/or “Export to Excel.” How important is the security of your customer data?

5. Record Level Security. Only Act! Premium has Record Level Security that allows you to limit the access to Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company records by users and teams. This is a powerful feature if you want your salespeople to see only their records, sales managers being able to see the records for their direct reports, by territories or if you want to divide the records by different departments or job responsibilities.

6. Field Level Security. Only Act! Premium has Field Level Security that allows you to limit the access to certain Contact, Opportunity, Group and Company fields by users and teams. You can grant full access to those that need to update the field information, read only to those that need to see the information but cannot change the data, or no access to a field which means they cannot see the field within the database or reports. This is a valuable feature if your business works with social security numbers, credit card information or other sensitive data.

7. Group Dashboards. The Dashboard is available in both versions but Act! Pro has a limitation of being only able to view the current user activity and opportunity information, filtering for a different user or multiple users is not an option. With Act! Premium you can create Dashboards with multi-user, team, territory, region, and/or department views.

8. Group Scheduling.  With Act! Premium users have an additional feature of being able to include other users and resources in their scheduling activity as well as the ability to check availability. This is a helpful feature if your business has meetings or calls with your customers or prospects that involve more than one of your Act! users.

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