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Zoho Training Webinars - AspenTech CRM - ZSBW_Catalog_imageZoho Certified Consultants from AspenTech have designed a series of webinars for you; AspenTech client or not, you’re welcome to attend. These webinars will increase your understanding of Zoho products along with their basic and advanced features. Learn how to best apply them to your business processes to solve problems, increase efficiency, track data, drive sales and much more! Each webinar reserves time for you to ask the experts your questions. Sign up today and take advantage of our low cost training!

Note - The Zoho Skill Builder Webinars are temporarily on hold. Please contact us to schedule training. Stay tuned for more Zoho Skill Builder Webinars coming soon.

Cost: $25/attendee/webinar. Buy 3 and get the 4th free - mix and match webinars with your team. Webinars are recorded and registrants will have unlimited access to the recording for 30 days.

Zoho CRM - The Basics of Navigation and Data Management

Zoho CRM is a powerful tool but to maximize efficiency there is key functionality that every user must know. AspenTech CRM's expert Zoho trainer will focus this 60 minute session on system navigation, record management and global functionality. You will learn how data can be collected and organized in a skillful manner and discover the power behind the relational database. This session is geared toward new users and those wanting to brush up on their skills using Zoho CRM. This class will cover:

  • Exploring the Menu Bar
    • What are modules?
    • Creating records
    • Searching for records
    • Organizing your data
  • The Power of the Relational Database
  • Need help?

Zoho CRM - Customizing Modules, Fields & Layouts

A CRM that has been properly customized to meet the specific needs of your business can be one of your greatest assets. Think about the information you are constantly searching for relating to your leads and contacts. Wouldn’t it make sense to have it organized, and at your fingertips in your Zoho CRM? This session is for Zoho administrators who need to either initially customize and/or maintain the customizations for their CRM. This webinar will be recorded and you'll have access to it for 30 days. This session covers:

  • Adding and organizing modules
  • Designing multiple layouts
  • Creating and editing fields
  • Module and field properties and settings
  • Managing data using layout and validation rules

Zoho CRM - Search, Filter & View your Data

What good is your Zoho CRM if you cannot find what you need when you need it? Using the Search feature, Filters and Views, we will teach you how to find the data you're looking for. Zoho CRM offers many ways to query your data. Starting from the very basic application, we progress to more complex queries to allow you to mine your data efficiently and effectively. This session covers:

  • Using Filters to "drill down" into your data
  • Views - How and When to use them effectively
  • Keyword Search, Global Search, list filtering and more!

Zoho CRM - Digital Signatures using Zoho Sign

Physical copies of important documents are becoming increasingly rare in a digital world. To save time and promote efficiency, we use electronic signature platforms to not only sign digital documents, but also send digital documents to request signatures/authorization.

Integrating your CRM with Zoho Sign will help you close deals faster by reducing turnaround time. Upon successful integration, digital documents within your CRM can be sent for signature directly to a contact. Digital signatures are legally binding and are automatically attached to your CRM records! This class will cover:

  • Merging documents and record information to create a digital document
  • Sending/Receiving documents using Zoho Sign
  • Document tracking throughout the signature process

Zoho CRM: Building Reports

Are you wondering how to make your data work for you? Join us as we learn to structure data to make it meaningful to your business. Using 5 easy steps, we will walk through the process of creating comprehensive reports to fit your business needs and give you a high-level business perspective based on the data in your CRM. In this session we will cover:

  • Zoho system-defined reports
  • Creating your own report
  • Filtering, organizing and sorting the results

Zoho CRM: Dashboards & Analytics

Using visual representations of your organizations data one can visualize comparisons, patterns and trends in business. Charts and graphs can give a sense of direction to an organization, quantify the hard work of its employees and give them the motivation to push further. Join us as we explore common analytical components such as Charts, Key Performance Indictors and the Target Meter.

Zoho CRM - Helpful Hints & Timesaving Tips

This one-hour class offers tips, tricks and timesavers that will help you get the most from your Zoho CRM. It is an easy quick-paced webinar that will touch on several popular CRM features and how to access them efficiently. The webinar will be taught using the Enterprise Version of Zoho CRM. If you’ve been working with Zoho CRM regularly, whether you’re self-taught or had formal training, this class is for you!

Zoho Campaigns Part 1: Getting Started*

Zoho Campaigns allows Users to create impactful email campaigns to better engage customers and prospects. With a focus on integration with Zoho CRM, we will discuss federal regulations, industry standards and email deliverability. Using setup options, we will show you how to lay the foundation for your campaigns, keeping them compliant while managing your sender reputation. We will focus on best practices for setting up your Zoho Campaigns application for email marketing.

Zoho Campaigns Part 2: Leveraging your Zoho CRM Data*

It is recommended that participants attend or view the "Zoho Campaigns: Getting Started" course prior to attending. Once your Zoho Campaigns application is set-up and integrated with Zoho CRM, we will explore the workspace and define who to send your campaign to. This session will dive into the mechanics of building and managing your mailing lists as well as starting to design content for your campaign. This class will focus on best practices for creating a mailing list and maintaining a clean list of recipients using Zoho CRM as your data source.

Zoho Campaigns Part 3: Design and Send Your Campaign*

It is recommended that participants attend or view, "Zoho Campaigns: Leveraging your CRM Data" webinar prior to attending. This course will build upon the content of the previous "Zoho Campaigns: Leveraging your Zoho CRM Data" webinar. In this session we will use advanced options to design a campaign. This class will focus on best practices for formatting e-marketing content, using templates and delivering your campaign to better capture your client’s interest and track their engagement. We will also discuss how to manage your recipients based on campaign reports indicating bounced emails and unsubscribes.

*Zoho Campaigns is included in the Zoho One and CRM Plus bundle of applications and it is sold as an add-on subscription to Zoho CRM. Learn more about Zoho Campaigns.


For a full list of available CRM training classes and dates or for questions on how to register, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228.

Today's Zoho Skill Builder Webinar was a 10. The topics were covered in an orderly fashion and the Q&A was excellent.– Charles P., Business Owner, Birmingham, MI