What's New in Act!

Insights into What’s New in Act! v20.1

With the release of Act! v20.1, Swiftpage continues the path of making Act! the most adaptable, everywhere connected Act! CRM to date.  Today, Act! provides a number of powerful new tools to allow organizations to more deeply incorporate their data and processes within a single comprehensive tool,  Act! CRM.

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Custom Tables and Industry Templates

  • New Custom Tables Manager, available in new Act! Premium Plus
  • The Custom Tables Manager provides maximum design adaptability to manage complex data sets, unique business processes and specialized industry practices together in Act! instead of being their own islands of data
  • Custom Tables Templates from a multitude of industries and functions are available; Use or modify existing example templates or create your own for unlimited possibilities to bring all your unique business data together within Act!
  • Associate Custom Tables to one or more contacts, companies, groups and opportunities
  • Search and view roll-up data in filterable, aggregate list views or view individual details on a contact record
  • Incorporate actions on data (such as calls, to-dos, email follow-ups, informed calls) all tied to the dates in the Custom Tables

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Watch our Act! Premium Plus Custom Tables Demo

Next Generation Outlook Integration

  • Sync for your Outlook contacts and calendar with an all new engine technology that will deliver superior sync performance and enhance duplicate checking
  • Brand new contact and calendar sync technology for Outlook and Gmail
  • Brand new email history recording technology for Outlook
  • Quick Actions within Outlook allow you to record emails to Act! history from the inbox and sent folder, auto-record emails to Act! history when emails are sent or bulk sync emails to Act! history
  • Mail merge has been redesigned, providing the capability to include images in your communications, whether you’re using new or existing templates
  • Control your sync schedule with additional options – manually, daily, at a set time, at set increments, when your computer starts and in real-time

Compatibility with Office 365 and Exhange 

  • Work with popular Microsoft platforms Office 365 and Exchange for additional access options, convenience and control
  • Note: Microsoft Office 2010 is no longer supported in Act! v20.1

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Act! Insight Improvements (Available to active Act! Premium Subscribers) 

  • Enhanced Act! Insight dashboards include deep customization capabilities on existing or new custom charts, enabling you to pull data from all act! entities, reporting-based fields and custom fields
  • Users can drill through to Act! list views from Insights dashboards

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Act! Companion Enhancements (Available to active Act! Premium Subscribers) 

  • Act! Companion (iOS and Android) now includes Act! opportunities so you can manage your pipeline from anywhere
  • View opportunities in new list and detail views; you can easily create, update, close or delete opportunities while on the go

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The release of Act! v20 focused on extending the capabilities of Act! Premium.

Act! v20 brings a fresh look with dynamic graphical reporting capabilities, optimized Act! emarketing capabilities, compatibility with Chrome for Mac and optimized Act! emarketing workflow. That's why many of our clients are getting up-to-speed on these changes with our Act! CRM consulting services!    

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Act! Insights Dashboards (Available to active Act! Premium Subscribers) 

  • Improved decision making with rich visual snapshots of dynamic real-time metrics
  • Interactive, graphical dashboards
  • Deeper understanding of sales productivity and performance, sales pipeline health, top performing products, win/loss analysis and more
  • Customize your view to display the metrics most relevant to you  

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Fresh Modern User Interface

  • Simplified look and feel    
  • Modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Continuity with Web and Windows versions

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Act! emarketing Workflow – Optimized

  • Segment, send and track through an intuitive workflow, directly from Act!
  • Prioritized list of hot leads based on the results of your email campaign
  • Create and customize professional, mobile-friendly templates
  • View and manage results of your email campaigns which are fully integrated in Act!

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Act! Companion Mobile (iOS & Android) Improvements (Available to active Act! Premium Subscribers)

  • Create, update and delete contacts on the fly
  • Schedule and update activities
  • Receive alerts for upcoming activities
  • Capture important history items
  • Tap to dial/tap to email
  • Get driving directions and find nearby places of interest

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Ask Act! Amazon Alexa Integration (Available to active Act! Premium Subscribers)

  • Alexa becomes your virtual Act! CRM assistant
  • Interact with Act! on all devices with Amazon Alexa
  • Ask for details about your contacts and calendar

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What's New in Act!: Features & CRM Capabilities | AspenTech - Google_Chrome_icon_(2011)Chrome for Mac 

  • Use Act! with Chrome for Mac
  • Outlook integration with Outlook for Mac is available with Act! Premium Contact Link via the Web API

Numerous Usability Improvements

  • Benefit from new opportunity field “Days In Stage” to quickly identify opportunities needing attention
  • New “freeze columns” functions in list views in Act! windows leads to easier navigation
  • Right-click to change the status of an opportunity
  • New formatting options in the Layout Designer
  • Improved messaging when deleting a database to better understand the impact

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Benefits for Act! Premium Subscribers 

  • Your Act! is current with automatic access to product innovations feature enhancements, compatibility updates and upgrades. No concern about obsolescence. 
  • Unlimited support from Act!
  • New features and functionality like Act! Companion, Act! Insights Dashboards and Act! API  

To learn how to leverage these improvements towards your business goals, contact our Act! training professionals today!

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Act! v20CRM Suite of Solutions

Act! Capability Act! Premium v20 Act! Premium Cloud Act! Premium Cloud Plus Act! Pro v20
Self-Hosted Cloud Service x      
Secure Act! Hosted Cloud Service*   x    
Private, Secure Act! Hosted Cloud Service*     x  
Windows, Web & Mobile x x x Windows Only
Chrome for Mac Compatibility via Web x x x  
Integrated Act! emarketing x x x x
Single User & Multi-User x x 5 User Minimum Single User up to 10 Users Maximum
Team Sharing x x x  
Act! Companion (iOS & Android)* x x x  
Application Programming Interface (API)* x x x  
Act! Connect Link* x x x  
Basic Break/Fix Technical Support Provided by Act!* x x x  
New Service Packs, Feature Releases & Compatibility Updates x* x x x
New Version Releases* x x x  
Advanced Security Configuration x x x  
Automatic Nightly Database Backups x x x x
Act! Insight Dashboards* x x x  
Ask Act! with Amazon Alexa Integration* x x x  
Act! Add-On App Capabilities x   x x
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*Requires Subscription