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Featured Act! 3rd-Party Addons

Being the original CRM system ever, Act! has been around for over 30 years. Over that time third party developers have written hundreds of addons that extend the core capabilities of Act!. This is just a small sampling of featured addons. If you have a wish list item that Act! out-of-the-box can't do, please contact us. There very well may be an addon. If there isn't an addon for that particular need and it is a high priority to you, custom coding is also an option.


Link Your Accounting Software and Act!

QSalesData links Act! with QuickBooks

  • Link your Act! Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities
  • Automated nightly syncs to push data back and forth between programs
  • See sales statistics inside Act! for your clients
  • Quickly lookup products purchased by clients
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to QuickBooks Transactions and more

S50SalesData links Act! with Sage 50 Peachtree

  • This addon is made by the same company as QSalesData above. Because of this, the features and functionality are very similar
  • An exception is that S50SalesData currently does not allow converting Opportunities to Sage 50 transactions.  However, this feature is in development now (June 2020)

Use a different accounting software? 

  • Contact us and let us research any potential integrations!

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Exponenciel Offers Many Great, Low Cost A La Carte Addons

Since 2001, Exponenciel has been writing some of our most popular addons. Most are very simple to install and low cost. No need to buy licenses for your whole team, just buy for people who need the features. See all their products here. Below are some of our customer favorites!

Act! List View Manager

Need to change your Act! columns frequently?

  • Save various list views with customized columns quickly
  • Use for mailing labels, frequent exports, and reports
  • In Opportunities, it can also save preset filters for each view

Auto Data Entry from Table

Want to automate data entry?

  • Have fields automatically update based on another field's value
  • Great for managing sales territories
  • Can upload a spreadsheet to expedite setup time

Excel Quote-Invoice Maker II

Let's be honest, Act!'s built-in quote templates aren't very customizable. With this addon you can build your own!

  • Create quotes or invoices complete with lines for each of your Opportunity Products
  • Don't need detailed quotes or invoices?  Don't let the name fool you; you can build great templates for just about anything in your datase.  Merge from Contacts, Opportunities, Companies, Groups or a combination of them
  • Includes an optional feature to automaticaly create unique quote numbers

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Need to clean up duplicates in your database?

Duplicate Remover Wizard by PEC

  • Powerful database clean-up tool
  • Merge and remove numerous contact records in one action
  • Specify field(s) used to match records
  • Specify which records to keep using criteria such as most recently created, most recently edited, etc.
  • All subsidiary records such as Notes, Histories, Activities, and Opportunities can be retained

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Advanced Import Features


  • Import to Contact, Group, Company, Product, custom tables, or Opportunity
  • Field by field control for mapping and duplicate matching
  • Add, update, skip or delete records 
  • Import Notes, History or Activities and link them to Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, or Groups

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Additional Mobile Options Built for Act! Integration

Act! has it's official Act! Companion mobile app. However, some customers do not have the ability to use it for various reasons (Act! Pro, lapsed subscriptions, etc.). That said, some clients just prefer some of the third-party apps over Act!'s native app. Here are a few options!

HandHeld Contact

  • If you’re looking for a feature-rich, native app for your iOS, Android, and yes, Blackberry devices, Handheld Contact (HHC) is the way to go
  • This app does require purchasing a license for each mobile device 
  • Data is stored locally on the mobile device and is periodically synchronized with your Act! database server
  • Access detailed Act! contact records (including custom fields) along with related items like Notes, Histories, and Activities
  • There are calendar and task list views to allow you to manage your schedule and follow-ups
  • From contact records in HHC, you can place calls, send text messages, send emails, insert notes, schedule activities, record history, and edit the records
  • Learn more about HandHeld Contact Options

Companion Link for Act!

  • CompanionLink is a well-established third-party app that accomplishes something very similar to Act!’s native Outlook/Google sync
  • This app does require purchasing a license for each user
  • Synchronizes your Act! contacts and calendar with Outlook or Google but provides many additional configuration options. Similar to the built-in Act! & Outlook/Google Sync, the Act! contacts and calendar will flow seamlessly into the native contacts and calendar apps on your mobile device, providing  you with quick, offline access to those records

Learn more about all your mobile options.

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