Act! Addon Apps

Act! Add-on Apps Deliver Additional Functionality

When you have a need to extend the powerful functionality of Act!, the team at AspenTech CRM will be able to advise you on your best options. Below are some examples of the apps from our partner developers. There are hundreds more, so if you don’t see what you need, just give us a call or contact us.

Mapper for Act! – Contact Locations, Driving Directions, Act! Mapper Feature

Mapper for Act! allows you to map and route addresses in your database based on geocoding.

Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - Mapper_Icon

  • Mapping: Display a lookup of records in a map.
  • Create smart routing or create your own route.

Duplicate Contact Remover Wizard – Got Duplicates?

Powerful database clean-up tool. Merge and remove numerous contact records in one action. Specify fields used to match records; specify most recent or least recently modified record is retained; all subsidiary Notes, History, Activities, Opportunities, etc. are retained.

TopLine Dash & TopLine Alerts – Powerful Customizable Dashboard Reports 

Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - ToplineDashAlerts_150x150TopLine Dash: Create powerful dashboards and KPIs from almost any field in your Act! database, including custom fields allowing you to set targets, quantify and analyze your pipeline. Double-click on a KPI to drill down into the resulting records.

TopLine Alerts: Adding Topline Alerts to Dash simplifies Act! reporting by allowing you to automatically email PDF or Excel reports to your distribution list at any interval you set. Program alerts to send email notifications regarding histories, activities and opportunities based on the conditions you set in your Act! database.

TopLine Designer – Custom Tables

Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - TopLineDesignerExpand the functionality of Act! with custom, many-to-one, tables for tracking projects, customer service, maintenance support, warranty programs, event planning and more. Add custom tables to Contact, Groups, Company and Opportunity records. Create templates for MS Word merging. Available in Act! Premium for Web.

QSalesData For Act! – QuickBooks Integration

Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - QSalesData-Med-150x150Give your sales team accurate sales numbers from within Act!. Create QuickBooks customers from Act! contacts, link Act! Contacts to QuickBooks customers, create QuickBooks transactions (invoice, sales order, estimate, etc.) from within Act!, view QuickBooks transactions from within Act!, view up to 5 years of sales data, and other key metrics from within Act!, and much more.


Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - quotewerks22QuoteWerks is an advanced quoting solution for Act! users. It provides many more features and much more functionality than Act! Sales/Opportunities while still integrating with that portion of your Act! database.


Act! Add-on Apps - AspenTech CRM - oakmerge2With Oak!Merge you can Add, Update, Skip or Delete records from any of Act!’s 'updateable' tables: Contact, Group, Company, Product, custom tables, or Opportunity. Match on one or more fields, if updating is desired. Field-by-Field Control: You can also append data to Notes, History or Activities and link them to Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, or Groups.