Act! 365

Keep Your Business in Focus with Act! 365

Act! 365

Act! 365 will bring your business into focus. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to get organized and stay connected. Easily consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes and history. Connect prospects and customers in one organized place, accessible from anywhere. Easily create, send and track quality email marketing campaigns and know who to contact with next. To top it off, it’s easy to get started, no technical hoops to jump through and no long term commitment required.

Act! 365 Benefits:

Contact & Agenda Management

Keep all your contacts in one place and easily import from spreadsheets, Google, or iCloud - and organize by groups. Take notes and add activities on the contact in Act! 365 to prioritize and manage your day efficiently.

  • Get organized and manage your contacts activities AND your time, by keeping notes, history and interaction together in one organized central place.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your business by accessing key contact and activity details from your iPhone, IPad or Android device.

  • Mobility: Know the latest details about your prospects and customers wherever you are, from any device; prioritize your day; make informed decisions.
  • Social Integration: Know more about your contacts by linking their Facebook account with their contact information.

Email Marketing

Create, send and track professional, eye-catching emarketing campaigns that reach your prospects and customers with the correct message at the right time. Customize each template with your engaging message; segment your target list then hit send

  • Track your email marketing success with real-time email campaign reporting, and know who to follow-up with first with intelligent, prioritized Call Lists – all from within Act! 365.

Act! 365 Subscription Includes:

  • Price: $10/User/Month
  • Web & Mobile Access
  • Email Marketing (Basic Account – 500 contacts per month)
  • Call List
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Technical support provided by Act!

Act! 365 FAQ

Q: How does Act! 365 fit into the Act! family: Act! Pro, Act! Premium and Act! Premium Cloud?

A: Act! 365 and the other Act! products function as two different systems; they do not have the same look or feel, features or functionality. Act! 365 is a stand-alone product that does not have any interface with other Act! products. Currently, there isn’t a way to transition directly from Act! 365 to or from Act! Pro or Premium.

Q: So why was Act! 365 developed and what is its target market?

A: Act! 365 might be considered Act! lite. A user of any existing Act! product that moves to Act! 365 would likely not be happy with the limited functionality that Act! 365 offers. Act! 365 is a web-based organizational tool, designed to help individuals who recognize the value of staying organized with their small business. It is limited, but it is a great starting point for an individual such as a solopreneur, individual, small office, home office, micro business.

Q: What is the difference between Act! 365 and Act! Premium Mobile

A: Act! 365 is a single user product. Act! Premium Mobile is a multi-user CRM. Act! Premium Mobile is an extension of Act! Premium and Act! Premium Cloud and cannot function without either of those being set up. Act! 365 is solely a web-based product (SaaS) where no desktop install is required.

Q: Can I bring in social media photos from those apps?

A: Yes, you can bring in social profile pictures from Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail.

Q: I use another calendar, can I see my Act! 365’s activities in other apps?

A: Act! 365 activities can be viewed in iCal, Google and Outlook calendars.

Q: Act! 365 basic email marketing is limited to 500 contacts/email addresses per month for free. My database is larger than that. Can I increase this limit?

A: You can increase this limit in 1,000 contact increments for $5.00/month/thousand

To learn more about how Act! 365 can help you achieve your goals, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.