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CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - solutionAspenTech CRM provides Detroit businesses with proven CRM implementation services, training and support guaranteed to maximize efficiency. As one of the most experienced CRM Certified Consultants in the region, we empower your organization with the techniques and technology they need to act on their experience. AspenTech CRM prides itself on successfully combining proven technology and effective techniques with your company's goals.

In order to deliver the best customer experience, while also increasing productivity and efficiency internally, you need systems and processes in place to support your growing business. We're here to help you identify gaps in your processes and implement the ideal CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that will allow you to achieve your goals. From assessments and implementation to training and support, AspenTech CRM is here for every step.

The Primary Benefits of a CRM System:

  • A complete and dynamic view of the customer. Creating a consistent view of each customer across your entire organization ensures that the right information is delivered at the right time, improving the customer experience.
  • Alignment with customer goals and objectives. All customer interactions are an opening to guide them towards taking an action. A CRM can help your employees discover those additional opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.
  • Accurate and secure data. Maintaining quality data requires a reliable system with minimal gaps and consistent oversight. A properly implemented CRM, customized for your business, will reduce the risk of dealing with conflicting and missing information.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness. Accurate reports offer actionable insight into performance effectiveness and process efficiencies that lead to improved decision making, growing profits and providing a competitive advantage.

Helping Detroit Businesses Thrive With Comprehensive CRM Consulting

From identifying your needs to system implementation, all the way through to support and assessment, we can assist in every aspect of designing and maintaining your business' CRM system.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - discovery

Discovery / Business Strategy / Site Analysis

The first step is building a relationship, so we start with becoming acquainted, either by phone or in person. This is our opportunity to get a general understanding of your high-level requirements, business strategy, company structure and project budget. This is also your chance to get a sense of who we are.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - needs-assessment

Needs Assessment

Your specific requirements and business processes are the foundations of your CRM implementation. We meet with key representatives of each department who will be using the CRM system or who require reports based on the data that is gathered. Based on this analysis, we develop a scope of work for your customized CRM solution. If you already have a CRM system in place, we perform an in-depth review of your existing systems and recommend any upgrades or modifications necessary for a successful CRM implementation.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - design-review

Design / Review

Based on the scope of work, we design your custom CRM solution, including the field structure, screen layouts, data sharing rules, workflows, document and email templates, reports and dashboards. A prototype of your CRM system is presented for your comments and approval.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - conversion-migration

Conversion / Migration

If you have data in other disconnected systems, you'll want that in your CRM. If necessary, we'll convert the data and migrate the information into your new CRM system. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless transition and to consolidate your systems for maximum efficiency.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - implementation-training-support

Implementation / Training / Support

When software installation is necessary, that's typically our next step. At this time, we'll also install and configure any plugins or third-party apps. That is immediately followed by company training. CRM training is critical to the success of your project and achieving your desired ROI.

As training specialists, we combine your business process requirements with "what's in it for me", so your end-users understand the benefits of mastering your CRM system. Additionally, we provide manager and CRM administrator training. Your training can be on-site or off-site, basic or comprehensive, depending on your needs. We can also train remotely, via the web.

Our goal is to make you as self-sufficient with your CRM system as you desire. But of course, we'll be available to assist in any way we can. We provide ongoing technical support through a variety of support options and remain available to answer any and all of your questions.

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - assessment-review

Periodic Assessment & Review

Businesses evolve, and your CRM should evolve with it. We provide periodic assessments to identify ways we can improve how your organization is using your CRM, see if it is meeting expectations, and take corrective action to ensure that it is sustainable given your current growth trajectory.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your CRM With Custom Training

CRM Software Training Detroit MI - AspenTech CRM - training(1)Are you using your CRM effectively, maximizing its potential and value? Once your users know how to easily incorporate your CRM into their work day, user adoption grows. If you want to increase the return on your investment (ROI) from your CRM, then focus on training. We offer both public CRM training courses and custom classes built around your specific needs.

AspenTech CRM's custom training programs are designed to close the gap between your employee's current skills and the tools and knowledge they need to meet your business' demands. Our classes are tailored to address your specific needs and processes, in order to most effectively utilize the time our trainers spend with your team.

To learn more about how we can help your business thrive, contact AspenTech CRM today at (866) 880-4228 to schedule a free consultation with a CRM specialist.