Act! Download Resources

Act! Downloads - AspenTech CRM - image-products-actAre you the do-it-yourself type? Need to set up a new user machine? Need to upgrade a current Act! installation? 

Below are self-service links for you to download the core Act! software installations.  Further below, there are also additional links to check to see if your Act! version has any updates, service packs, or patches to apply afterwards. 


Please note – Some updates will affect your database schema.  This means that users should not update individually.  Therefore, we recommend contacting your Act! administrator to plan and implement the update, which will then coordinate the update for all users.  It is highly advisable that all your users be on the same version and update level, especially for those using Act! Marketing Automation. We also recommend backing up your Act! database before (File Menu > Back Up > Database).

Act! Software downloads for recent versions:

Act! version updates, service packs, and patches:

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