Zoho CRM Ascends To Top Leader in CRM Industry

Written on 02/26/2017

SoftwareAdvice recently published their FrontRunners for CRM report for Small Business that showed a tremendous jump in overall quality ratings made by Zoho CRM from 2016 to 2017.

The scores and graphics that follow were derived from individual end-user reviews of the products and were based on their own experiences, vendor-supplied information and publicly available product information.  It is believed that no third-party opinions were associated with the ratings assigned to these products.

This climb for Zoho in the past year can be related to Zoho’s major new CRM release last summer. When you couple the improvements in ease of use, productivity gains and Zoho’s reasonable price points of $12/user/month to $50/user/month, there is a strong value proposition here.

2017 CRM Front Runners – Zoho Enters The “Leaders” Category

Zoho 2017 CRM Ratings

2016 CRM Front Runners – Zoho Rated In The “Masters” Category

Zoho 2016 CRM Ratings

 How To Interpret These Graphs

The following are the definitions and meanings of each quadrant:

  • Upper Right = Leaders: Leaders are all-around strong products. They offer the highest value and capability in that market.
  • Upper Left = Masters: Masters may have fewer capabilities, but end users value those capabilities highly. Depending on the functionality needed, a product positioned in the Masters quadrant might be a better option to consider than products positioned in other quadrants.
  • Lower Right = Pacesetters: Pacesetters may offer a strong set of capabilities, but are not rated as high on value. For example, a Pacesetter might have a breadth of functionality at a higher price point.
  • Lower Left = Contenders: Contenders are strong-performing products that have not yet achieved the Value and Capability of the products in the other quadrants. For example, products in this quadrant may be more suited for companies that need more specialized functionality that comes at a price.
    Download The Full Report

The full 2017 FrontRunner report from Gartner can be downloaded at:


If you are interested in learning more about how Zoho CRM may work for your business, please click the link below.





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