Cloud-based Act! Hosting Services

AspenTech provides cloud-based Act! hosting services for real-time Act! for Web access as well as offline synchronization users. We keep all of your users on the same page, sharing the same Act! database, no matter where they’re working today. Additionally, you maintain full control of your database fields and users just as if you were hosting the database yourself. Best of all, this is done with no server or network investment on your part.

All of your data is housed in a certified, collocated data center, so you don’t have to worry about any type of disaster taking you offline. The system also provides nightly backups, regular database maintenance, and emergency support is available.

Whether your business is local, global, or anywhere in between, our cloud-based Act! hosting services can make your CRM system a success. Call us at 866-880-4ACT (4228) and one of our Certified Act! Consultants and Trainers would be happy to discuss your needs.

Key Benefits to Cloud-Based Act! Hosting

  • Connect users in many locations
  • Mobile access to your CRM system
  • Little or no IT investment
  • You own your data
  • You own your software
  • No software to install with Act! for Web
  • Access Act! on Mac
  • Secure hosting environment for your critical data
  • Automatic maintenance & backups
  • Remote access to modify your database fields and dropdowns
  • Free ongoing technical support

Request Sage Act! hosting information.