Act! Features By VersionAct! CRM

The chart below will help you understand what has been added to each Act! version since you purchased your license.

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Overview of New Act! Features Act! 2005 (7) to Act! v19 (2017)

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New Features & Version Added 2005 – 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 v16 v17 v18 v19
64-bit MS Office Support X
30+ Refreshed Reports X
Act! eMarketing Usability /
Performance Improvements
Act! Companion Mobile App
(iOS / Android)
Act! Web – Scan for
Act! Web – Layout Designer
Act Connect Link-Easy API Setup X
Web API – Connect Act! to ______ X
Activity Created Date X
Favorite Contacts X
Act! emarketing User Security X
Act! emarketing Call List Filters X
Windows 10 Support X
Office 2016 Support X
Act! Web – Chrome Updates X
Act! Web – IE 11 Updates X
Act Web-Merge Duplicates X
New Act! emarketing View / Options X
Act! emarketing & Smart Tasks Integration X
Act! emarketing Call List Improvements X
Dynamic Contact Routing X
1‐Way Outlook Sync Option X
Outlook Sync Stability Improvements X
Photo/File to History in Act! Mobile X
Free Browse Users X
Hide Inactive Users X
Keyword Search on Sub Entities X
Dropbox, iCloud, SharePoint & Google Docs Integration in Documents tab X
Shared Folder Linking in Documents tab X
Imports in Web X
Silent Install User Interface X
Global Preference Management X
Customizable “Big” Buttons X
Change Default History Options X
Administrator Notifications X
Edit Dropdowns While Adding Fields X
Change Dupe Checking During Import X
SQL 2014 Support X
Web Form Lead Capture* X
Contact Timeline* X
New Act! emarketing (AEM) Platform* X
Dynamic Contact Routing X
Act! emarketing & Smart Tasks Integration X
Act! emarketing Call List Improvements X
Act! Marketplace X
Calculated Fields X
Automated Company Creation X
History List View X
Reschedule Multiple Activities X
Universal Search – Create Lookup X
ACT! Scheduler Sends Email Notifications X
ACT! Web – Chrome Support X
ACT! Mobile – Groups, Companies, Email, & Additional List View Filters X
ACT! Web – Define Fields / Design Layouts X
Office 2013 Support X
Smart Tasks w/Data & Field Triggers X
Smart Tasks As a Service X
Social Media Updates X
ACT! Mobile w/ Opportunities X
Windows 8 & Server 2012 Support X
ACT! Mobile via HTML5 X
Gmail Support & Google Contacts / Calendar Sync X
Scratchpad X
Universal Search (Google Like Search) X
Outlook Contacts/Calendar Sync X
Smart Tasks X
Import Improvements (New File Types / Express Method) X
Drilldown to Filter by Specific History Types on History Tab X
Back & Forward Buttons on Global Toolbar X
Increased Security for Backups & Attachments X
SQL Server 2008 & Office 2010 Support X
Redesigned Opportunities for Full Customization / Security X
Calendar Invites for Outlook,Gmail, Apple, GroupWise & Lotus Notes X
Web Info Tab for Integration with Google Maps, LinkedIn, Facebook & Others X
Special Reports View X
ACT! emarketing & Business Info Services X
Welcome Page for Tips, Tricks, & ACT! News X
Big “Easy” Buttons X
Related Tasks Suggestions X
Windows 7 Support X
Dramatically Improved Outlook Integration X
Powerful New Lookup Capabilities & Parameters X
Quick Access to Previous Lookups X
View Calendar for 10+ Users X
Relationships Tab X
ACT! Scheduler for ACT! Pro X
Dramatic Synchronization Performance Improvements X
Windows Vista 64‐bit & Windows Server 2008 Support X
Dashboards for Quick Graphical Reporting X
Company & Group Security X
Document Shortcuts (vs attachments) X
Inline Editing on Contact List View X
Multiple Contacts Per Opportunity X
Windows Vista 32-Bit & Office 2007 Support X
Database Maintenance & Backup Automation X
Field Level Security X
History & Notes Preview Panes X
Last E-mail Field X
Custom Linked Company-level Fields X
Password Policy X
Secure History, Notes & Opportunities En Masse X
Set Contact Access Level En Masse X
Group & Company Tree Views X
Lookup Contacts by Access Level X
Meeting Management Improvements X
Opportunity User Field Customization X
Synchronize Attachments X
Team Membership Views X
Terminal Server / Citrix Support X
Customizable User Permissions X
Completely New Database Structure – Microsoft SQL Server X
Support for Windows Server 2003 X
New User Security Levels – Restricted & Manager X
Improved Synchronization Architecture X
Improved Group Organization Allowing Up To 15 Levels of Subgroups X
New Entity – Company Records X
Streamlined Field Creation Options X
New Field Types – Memo, Photo,& Checkbox X
Contact Access Levels – Public, Private, & Limited X
Quick Export to Excel X
Fifteen New Default Reports X
Control Calendar Scheduling Access by User X
Customizable Activity Types X
Customizable Activity Priorities X
Work Week Calendar View (hybrid of Daily & Weekly) X
Resource Scheduling X
Improved Advanced Query Editor X
Customizable Activity Types X

* New features available also as Business Care enabled Feature Packs to prior version