Benefits of Zoho and Act! CRM Solutions

What can a well designed Zoho CRM or Act! (formerly Sage Act!) system do for you? Each organization has its own reasons for exploring a customer relationship solution and therefore the benefits will vary from business to business. In most cases, these benefits highly outweigh the investment!

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Improve Decision Making

Identify trends, measure and forecast sales, and evaluate your team’s performance.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Improved Decision Making

  •  Know why your customers buy or don’t buy your products or services.
  • Determine where in the sales process the sale is made, enabling fine tuning of the sales cycle.
  • Understand which marketing pieces are effective and which aren’t.

Think about your business. Do you have the information you need to make solid decisions? What are three improvements you would like to make in your sales and marketing processes?

Greater Efficiency

When you implement a CRM system, you’ll be able to easily share information and increase your productivity.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Greater Efficiency

  •  Stop the waste of duplicate data entry in Outlook, spreadsheets, accounting, and ERP systems.
  • Imagine learning that a key competitor has gone out of business. Your Zoho CRM or Act! system would allow you to quickly identify key prospects who were customers of your competitor, send them a targeted and relevant message and enable you to assign sales reps to call each prospect.
  • Say you have two people making sales calls in Southwest Michigan and both are calling on the same company in the same day. Your CRM system will help you avoid looking foolish to a potential customer.

What are some examples of where your organization can improve its efficiency? How many “islands of data” are being independently maintained in your company? What would the impact of those improvements be on your business?

More Meaningful Interactions

Centralized data and history of previous interactions will prepare your staff and enhance each customer experience.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: More Meaningful Interactions

  • With orders, feedback, and sales activity at their fingertips, your team will be prepared to respond quickly and accurately — leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention.
  • A customer calls your inside sales department with questions about the proposal they received yesterday from an outside sales rep. With that proposal attached to the customer’s record, your organization is able to effectively respond to the customers’ needs.
  • Connect more quickly – view dynamic content about your customers from social networking sites.

How can your organization benefit from improved customer interactions? Are you serving your customers at the level you want? How would you benefit from improved customer loyalty?

Facilitate Cross-Selling

Knowing the interests of your customers and what they’ve previously purchased leads to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Facilitate Cross-Selling and Up-Selling

  • Gaining additional revenue from loyal customers takes fewer resources than acquiring new customers.
  •  With knowledge of what a customer has purchased, your staff can offer specific and targeted products and services.

Is your organization effectively upselling? How much money are you leaving on the table by not maximizing the benefit of your loyal customers?

Protect Company Assets

When there is turnover or realignment, new staff members have access to their predecessor’s information, minimizing disruption and revenue loss while maintaining a high level of customer service.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Protect Company Assets

  • An accurate and secure customer database is one of the most significant assets of any company. Your CRM system will protect and grow that asset.
  • Retaining corporate memory pays off. Sales rep Bill leaves your firm and Diane takes over. With your Zoho CRM or Act! system in place, Diane is quickly up to speed in her territory.

How long does it take a new sales rep to become proficient in your company? Have you ever lost a sales rep who had wiped their computer clean as they were walking out the door? What is the impact on your revenue and level of service as a result of this behavior? Just how valuable could your customer database be?

Target Marketing

Search, sort, and segment your customer and prospect lists for laser-focused marketing efforts launched directly from your CRM system.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Target Marketing

  • Imagine segmenting your database by any combination of demographic factors and sending email, with trackable links, which leads to follow-up warm calls by your sales reps.
  • Sending targeted and relevant marketing communications enables you to serve your customer’s unique needs.

Think about your marketing efforts. Are you able to easily get the right message to the intended audience? Are you currently tracking the effectiveness of each marketing effort?

Reduce Costs and Increase Return

Improving the customer experience and increasing efficiency will reduce costs, increase customer retention, and add new customers.

Benefit of CRM, SFA, Contact Management: Reduce Costs and Increase Return, ROI

  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction: With more efficient service, your customers will not only be pleased with the quality of the service they receive but also with the timely and efficient manner in which your company works.
  • Zoho CRM or Act! can reduce costs: A central customer relationship system will make your sales force more efficient, allowing them to call on more customers with more relevant messaging.
  • Improved profitability: The bottom line will grow when you can focus on the most profitable customers and deal with unprofitable customers in more cost-effective ways.

Think about your business and how you can improve your sales, marketing, and customer relationships. What are the pain points that you are experiencing in your business that you would like to resolve? Is your sales team as effective as it could be? Are your marketing dollars showing an appropriate ROI? Are you able to see your total exposure to a customer?

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