Act! v19 CRM Release

Written on 01/07/2017

Act! v19 CRM Released January 11, 2017

Act! continues to be the go to Contact and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help individuals and small – medium sized businesses or sales and marketing teams, to organize prospect and client details in one place, market products and services more effectively and improve sales results. All the products in the Act! family, Act! Pro, Act! Premium and Act! Cloud will be impacted with this Act! v19 CRM release.

What’s New in Act! v19 CRM

Below is an overview of what you’ll find in Act! v19.  For a more detailed summary click here for more details.

New Act! v19 CRM Features & EnhancementsCompatibility Enhancements:

Act! v19 now offers compatibility with MS Office 64-bit implementations. This is in addition to continuing support for 32-bit versions of MS Office. This support covers MS Office versions 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Expanded Act! Premium Use with a New Platform: Act! Companion Mobile App

Act! Premium v19 unveils the Act! Companion App for your mobile device, available in both iOS and Android flavors. This is a major step forward for Act!, but this app does not replace Act!.  It does just what its name implies, it’s your Act! Companion.

Act! Companion Mobile App in Act! v19 CRM

Act! Companion will give you quick access to your Contacts and Activities as well as your Contact’s History. Easily take notes during meetings and add them to the correct contact using the @mention technique. Email or call your contacts from within Act! Companion. Act! Companion will notify you of upcoming activities so you can stay ahead of things when out of the office.  Like other apps, the Act! Companion will send you notifications about updates to Contacts, Histories and Activities in your database while you are on the go. This functionality requires an active Act! Premium or Act! Premium Cloud subscription service. Act! is committed to ongoing Act! Companion updates through your app store.

Report Updates:

Act! has updated 30+ standard reports. The updates have improved default filters and sort orders, consistent field references, data formatting and more relevant fields to provide better access to your information.  These updated reports come with a new REP2 file type. The reports are added automatically to existing databases when upgrading with the new file type preventing overwriting any preexisting customized report.

Emarketing Enhancements:

Act! emarketing continues the rapid improvements to its internal email marketing tool. Many users on Act! v16 and later, still don’t realize that Act! emarketing is included with every license or subscription.  It’s available to you immediately, to access powerful, easy-to-use emarketing tools for your organization. No longer is there any need for third-party email apps. Click here for more about Act! emarketing.

In Act! v19 CRM, Act! emarketing has increased its send speed by 5X. There is a new send dialog that allows you to confirm the email campaign being sent. You will also view the status of your emarketing service level to show the number of contacts that you’ve mailed that month and the remaining number of contacts to ensure that you have adequate send capacity for your campaign. Sent campaigns will create a contact history and then update that same history as more opens and clicks occur to your campaign.

Act! emarketing enhancements in Act! v19 CRM

Web Client Improvements:

In every one of the last three releases Act! has been aggressively worked to offer the same functionality in Act! Web/Cloud that is offered in Act! Windows. Act! v19 continues this march to Windows – Web parody. With Act! Premium v19 Web/Cloud access you now had improved Layout Designer capabilities and Duplicate Checking capabilities.

Click here for our detailed overview of Act! v19 CRM. 

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