About Our Company

AspenTech Consulting Group prides itself on successfully combining proven technology and effective techniques with your company’s goals. The result is a highly effective and reliable sales and marketing system driving your organization’s growth.

Our Act! Certified Consultants (Act! CCs) are experts when it comes to anything Act!. Act! CCs complete a rigorous training process, including ongoing advanced training and education courses, to ensure your utmost satisfaction with your custom Act! contact management and CRM system.

AspenTech’s Act! Premier Trainers (APTs) are uniquely qualified to deliver the highest level of Act! training, either at your site, in our dedicated Act! training facility or online. Sage Software, the developer of Act!, monitors the quality of services performed by APTs through course evaluations and other quality control measures.

Since our founding in 1994, AspenTech has focused on providing solutions that prove their value each and every day. As the most experienced Act! Certified Consultants in the region, we empower your organization with the techniques and technology they need to act on their experience.

Your CRM Team

Greg Knapp – Act! Certified Consultant | Act! Premier Trainer

Greg KnappGreg became an Act! Certified Consultant in 1994. He has been an Act! Premier Trainer since the inception of the program in 2002, and he remains the only Act! Premier Trainer in the state of Michigan. In 2012, he became Swiftpage Gold Drip Marketing Certified. Greg thrives on assisting small and medium sized businesses in implementing well-planned business processes and sales and marketing programs through the use of Act!. With a strong background in sales and marketing, combined with successfully implementing Act! in myriad industries, Greg has the vision and expertise to design a CRM system tailored to your specific requirements.

Prior to founding AspenTech Consulting Group in 1994, Greg spent 19 years in customer service, sales and marketing in the service-driven hospitality industry.

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Marshall Knapp – Act! Certified Consultant

Marshall KnappMarshall grew up with Act! in the family.  He started working with his father (Greg) while in high school and became an Act! Certified Consultant in 2003, around the time of his college graduation.  Marshall is an expert at asking the right questions to fully understand how an organization will benefit from an Act! solution. He then brings all the pieces of a custom CRM solution together and makes it look effortless to the client in the process.  Marshall is skilled in thinking ‘outside the box’ to create practical Act! solutions that work.

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Phil Woodcock – Act! Certified Consultant

Phil Woodcock - Act! Certified Consultant OhioPhil joined AspenTech in 2015 twenty years after founding his company Woodcock and Associates.  Along the way, Phil gained valuable experience in sales and marketing.  Phil started coaching clients on Act! 2.0 and became an Act! Certified Consultant in 1998.  Phil’s goal is to make his clients and their organizations more efficient and productive by leveraging the power of their Act! CRM system.  He succeeds by listening to their needs, customizing Act! to meet their goals, then training them on process improvement so that Act! is integrated into their day-to-day activities.

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